A Visualization Agency for Urban Development

Elegant branding | Comprehensive visualizations | Stunning images | Innovative use of technology | Sophisticated artistry. These form our advanced toolkit for showcasing your designs and developments. The result?  Deeper customer experiences. Sharply enhanced value. Fewer barriers to successful selling.  

We think that since architectural renderings cost you money, they should really work. 

 On the one hand, purely architectural renderings can show how a project will look and feel, how it is sited, and how it fits in its locale, but usually does so without much passion or much branding. On the other hand, pure marketing visualizations try to create a lifestyle-based interpretation that promises something emotional and desirable without enough architectural insight. Neither style seems capable of doing the job as a whole.

 Neilson Digital supports the idea that by using the right combination of talent and technology, backed up with deep experience in architecture and development and marketing, we can do a more complete and satisfying job for our clients, and give them what they need – namely stunning and compelling visual and interactive tools that do both jobs – and lower the overall costs at the same time. It’s a challenge we enjoy, and we invite you to put us to the test.


There is no longer any excuse for visualization that does only an adequate job, at too high an expense. Technology has advanced beyond the technicians. We’ve put it in the hands of a team of artists and thinkers with a deep understanding of architecture, urban development and the creation of marketable, affordable brands. Every idea, every development, every product now requires not mere images, but powerful visualization. We make that happen.


Branding is the telling of stories. People want to understand the features and benefits of your brand, but even more, they want to identify with its character and values. Our work, in urban development and in commercial and consumer branding, is based on the need to communicate in depth. It’s not just about catchy slogans or snappy pictures. It’s about connections. The branded stories we tell are designed to connect, persuade and convince with integrity and purpose.


Technology allows us to build virtual environments and then do everything except move right in. Between Twitter, Instagram, and the latest social media outlet created in the last two minutes, you can tell branded stories in real time. The path to your customer’s hearts and minds now goes direct. The challenge is to stay on the curve, without spending a fortune. We’ve been digital for a long time, and we know a lot about making your brand a player in the social media multiverse.

NEILSON DIGITAL. Visualizing your designs. Branding your developments