Winners Collaborate: Seamlessly, Efficiently, Across borders and through time zones. In the end, the strongest team wins.

Each time we participate in a high profile competition involving Public Private Partnership (P3) or Design-Bid-Build proposals, we learn more about how to win. We understand exactly how the visuals, animations, and interactive content we provide can boost a bid’s ability to convince and persuade. We merge our talents seamlessly with the key players and firms, doing what we do quickly, efficiently and, dare we say it, winningly.

Our goal is to consistently deliver high quality, detailed and complex visualization products. With more than 20 years of diverse experience in design and construction project delivery, building technology, architectural rendering, animation, and media production, our capabilities are an ideal match to the demands of competition projects.

We have already served as visualization consultants for IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) and P3 (Public Private Partnership) competitions at all levels. Working closely with AEC firms using BIM on design-bid-build and P3 competition projects, we help teams to meet and exceed the demanding time and budget requirements of the proposal call process. 

We agree with our clients, who believe that by fully integrating Neilson Digital’s sophisticated architectural visualization into their complex projects, they enhance their team’s ability to win in a highly competitive environment.