Your Team

Quinn Neilson, 



Quinn’s passion for architecture and architectural Illustration brought him into the digital arena early in his career.  He was excited by the challenge of turning people’s dreams into a visual reality.  Now, with over 20 years of creative and technical experience, he has turned his business into an essential partner in the architectural visualization field.  His understanding of the trends and progression of digital marketing have made him a driving force in the new digital field of arch vis.  As head of Neilson Digital and hands-on business owner, he ensures that every project meets his exacting standards and is delivered to his clients on time and within budget.


Patrick Kitchen, 

Creative Director


With over 20 years of design and branding management experience Patrick brings the bigger picture to every project from start to finish. Having worked with some of the largest brands to the smallest start-ups he is able to focus the project’s needs to target the best experience for the end consumer, ensuring that his client’s message reaches its target audience. Always striving forward through the use of new technologies and social media platforms, Patrick helps to make our team a strong member of your team.


Sean Nesbitt, 

Visualization Director


With over 10 years dedication to Neilson Digital, Sean is a strong leader directing each 3D modelling and animation project from start to finish to ensure the best quality experience for each product.  His knowledge in web development and interactive digital deliveries is a significant asset to projects that require a larger scope and ensures that we can quickly respond to emerging trends and technologies.